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Drug Name: Dupilumab

Brand Name: DUPIXENT®

Medicine Use: Add-on therapy/long-term control

Type of Medicine: Biologic

Form: Injection

Prescribing Info: DUPIXENT (dupilumab) injection prescribing information insertDownload PDF


DUPIXENT is a maintenance treatment for moderate-to-severe asthma caused by type 2 inflammation (which includes eosinophilic asthma and/or allergic asthma). DUPIXENT is also approved to treat moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis (eczema), chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis, eosinophilic esophagitis, and prurigo nodularis.

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Possible Side Effects:
Joint pain
Injection site reactions (pain, redness, swelling, itching, or a burning feeling at the injection site)
Upper respiratory tract infections
Eye and eyelid inflammation
Dry eye
Herpes virus infections
Common cold symptoms
Cold sores in your mouth or on your lips
Throat pain
High count of a certain white blood cell (eosinophilia)
Muscle pain
Trouble sleeping (insomnia)
Parasitic infections

Dupixent Injection Syringes