Asthma Resources and Programs in Spanish

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) offers many patient education programs in Spanish for all ages. You can download many items below for free. You can order others through AAFA.

The following programs are for health care professionals who teach patients how to manage their asthma and allergies:

Asthma Brochures in Spanish

This series in Spanish has basic information about managing asthma written in simple terms. (Ordering details)

  • Brochure 1: ¿Que Es Asma? (What Is Asthma?)
  • Brochure 2: Lo que Usted Necesita Saber Sobre las Medicinas para el Asma (What You Need to Know About Medicines for Asthma)
  • Brochure 3: Plan para el Control de los Activadores del Asma (Asthma Trigger Control Plan)
  • Brochure 4: Medidores de Potencia Respiratoria (Peak Flow Meters)

Asthma-Friendly Home – A Checklist for Families

This asthma trigger checklist is easy for families to use. It helps you find and control your child’s asthma triggers at home. It has simple ideas to help you get rid of or reduce your child’s asthma triggers. (Ordering details)

Asthma-Friendly Child Care – A Checklist for Child Care Providers

This asthma trigger checklist is easy for child care providers to use. It helps them find and control asthma triggers in their child care center. It can help staff keep their place healthy for the children they serve. Parents can also use this checklist when looking for child care. (Ordering details)

FeNO Tests to Monitor FeNO Levels

Asthma is a chronic disease where your airways become inflamed. FeNO testing, a type of lung function test, can help your doctor tell how much inflammation is in your lungs. It can also be used to rule out other conditions with asthma-like symptoms. The results of this test can help you and your doctor find the best treatment plan to manage your asthma. Download this FREE PDF to learn more about FeNO testing. (Ordering details)

Wee Breathers™

This program is for health professionals who teach parents of young children about managing asthma. Use it during home visits, one-on-one or in group classes for parents in child care centers. The full program includes:

  • An Instructor’s Guide
  • An Asthma-Friendly Home: Checklist for Families
  • An ‘Asthma-Friendly Home: Checklist for Providers
  • Seven lessons on asthma management that include lesson handouts (handouts are at a sixth-grade reading level or lower):
    • Lesson 1: Asthma Basics
    • Lesson 2: Asthma Triggers
    • Lesson 3: Controlling Asthma Triggers
    • Lesson 4: Asthma Medicines
    • Lesson 5: Asthma Action Plan
    • Lesson 6: Communicating with the Asthma Team
    • Lesson 7: Asthma Management Goals

The full program is available in English only. (Ordering details)

The lesson handouts are available in Spanish. (Ordering details)

The Asthma-Friendly Home – A Checklist for Families’ is available in English (Ordering details) and Spanish (Ordering details).

The Asthma-Friendly Home – A Checklist for Providers’ is available in English (Ordering details) and Spanish (Ordering details).

Wee Wheezers*

This program is for health professionals who teach parents of young children about managing asthma. Parents learn how to find information and support. It also teaches them how to talk to caretakers and doctors. Parents go to four group sessions. Children join the last two sessions. The original kit included: instructor’s manual, training guide, slides (PDF and PowerPoint), instructor video, companion video and handouts for parents and children.

*These educational items are retired; however if you have any questions about these materials, please contact us.

You Can Control Asthma

This program is for health professionals who teach school-age children and their families about managing asthma. An implementation guide tells how to use the booklets in clinical, community, school and home settings. The program also has booklets for children and their parents. It teaches asthma management through pictures and activities. The book for kids is at a third-grade reading level. It helps them make choices and feel in control of their asthma. The book for families is at a fifth-grade reading level. It helps parents help their child manage their asthma. (Ordering details)