Understanding Research Basics

This collection of 11 videos are part of AAFA’s project: Promoting Asthma Patient Engagement in Research (PAPER). We believe that patients have a valuable voice and an important role in advancing research.

As you watch the video series, take notes using the Asthma Patient-Centered Research Training Guide.

Asthma Basics

This video talks about what asthma is, what happens during an asthma episode and what asthma feels like.

Asthma Symptoms

Learn the most common symptoms of asthma and how asthma is diagnosed.

Different Levels of Asthma

In this video, learn about the four types of asthma and signs you could have uncontrolled asthma.

Warning Signs of an Asthma Attack

If you have asthma, you should know the signs of a severe asthma attack and asthma zones. Learn what to look for and when to seek emergency medical help.

Asthma Triggers

Triggers can make your asthma worse. They can cause your airway to become inflamed. Find out more about common asthma triggers in this video.

Asthma Treatment

A proper treatment plan created by your doctor can help you manage your asthma. This can include medicines, avoiding triggers and following an Asthma Action Plan. Discover types of asthma medicines used to treat asthma and how your involvement in research can improve asthma treatment.

Why We Need Asthma Research

Research helps experts better understand asthma. It also helps them develop better treatments. This video explains what research is and its benefits.

Finding Accurate Research Information

Access to information helps you be an active part of your medical care. But not everything you read is accurate. Learn some basics on how to find information you can trust.

Outcome Measures

Outcomes measures are a key part of research. Find out what outcome measures are and what role they play in the results of research.

Clinical Research

Learn what clinical research is, who conducts research and who can participate.

Clinical Trials

Many people participate in clinical trials to help researchers find new treatments. Find out more about the four phases of clinical trials and their role in asthma research.

This project was made possible by a grant from the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI): Contract #2207-AAFA.