No Appetite for Bullying

Kids with Food Allergies (KFA)— the food allergy division of AAFA—is proud to support No Appetite for Bullying, a campaign to raise awareness about food allergy bullying.

Bullying is never acceptable, but food allergy bullying—which happens when children and teens living with life-threatening allergies are teased, ridiculed or even threatened or assaulted with food to which they are allergic—is especially dangerous. On the surface, when someone waves an unsafe food in the face of a student with a food allergy, it may seem like just another form of childhood teasing. But to that food-allergic child, incidents like this can make school feel unsafe and escalate from emotional to physical bullying. Food allergy bullying can put a child in a life-threatening situation.

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To bring attention to this issue and promote greater acceptance of those living with food allergies, KFA joins the No Appetite for Bullying campaign with the goal of creating solutions that foster tolerance and understanding. We want to clearly convey the potential seriousness of food allergies and create a movement that encourages children with food allergies, along with parents, teachers, and peers, to be a voice against food allergy bullying.

No Appetite for Bullying will include a teen coalition to bring together students between the ages of 13 and 17 to share experiences, provide support, and discuss solutions to help end food allergy bullying. In addition, we are calling for food allergy bullying stories to be shared with us so we can help bring the issue to life.

If you’ve been bullied because of food allergies, or if you’ve witnessed bullying happen because of food allergies, please visit to share your story with us!

This program is a KFA partnership with kaléo, Allergy & Asthma Network, Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team, and Food Allergy Research & Education.

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KFA is dedicated to saving lives and reducing the burden of food allergies through support, advocacy, education and research.