A spirometry test is one of the more common type of lung function test done in a doctor’s office. You blow into a mouthpiece connected to a device, called a spirometer, or to a laptop.

Your doctor uses it to test:

  • How much air you can inhale
  • How much air you can exhale
  • How fast you can exhale

The results of this test can help your doctor tell if you have asthma or how well your asthma is managed.

Spirometry TestYour doctor will give you a mouthpiece connected to a spirometer or a laptop. They will have you take a deep breath and blow air out of your lungs as fast and as hard as you can. You may be asked to repeat the test a few times.

If the results show reduced lung function, your doctor may give you a medicine called a bronchodilator (brahn-ko-DIE-ah-lay-tor). This inhaled medicine opens your airways. After the medicine has had time to work, the doctor will have you take the test again to see if your lung function improves. This helps them make the correct diagnosis.

Your doctor may have you take a spirometry test at each checkup to track changes in your lung function or to see how well your medicines are working.

Medical Review December 2017.